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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Duet from Speed Dating Tonight!

Here's a duet from SPEED DATING TONIGHT! The Bartender and Waitress are taking orders and mixing drinks. While they work they talk about the speed dating. The bartender, a romantic, is skeptical. He says, "It's not like seeing someone across a room. You're eyes blink, she looks away but smiles..." She is more sympathetic, saying "I can see why they sign up. Nothing ventured nothing gained."

This duet definitely blurs (or maybe just plain crosses) the line between opera and musical theater. Singers for the premiere at the Janiec Opera Company have been given their assignments. There's a show on July 26th and one on July 27th, with a preview on July 25th.

One company has signed on to do the show in the fall. More about that soon!