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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Amarillo opening of SPEED DATING TONIGHT!

Thanks to David O'Dell and Amarillo Opera for giving Dean Anthony and I the chance to do the second production of SPEED DATING TONIGHT! Over twenty singers participated--everyone who auditioned got a part. Some voice types and genders were changed from the first production. A small and effective cut was introduced and the position of the Coordinator's song was changed for the better. Dean changed some of the order of the show from the first production. The show plays well in Chamber Music Amarillo's space in the Fibonacci Building. Thanks to Tim Winn, Amarillo Opera is making their usual high quality video of the show for a delayed broadcast. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Amarillo: Opera like it oughta be

sign in Amarillo

There are plenty of places where opera might be fancier or more expensive, but there aren't that many that do opera as collaboratively and with as much heart as Amarillo. The run of two performances of LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR was utterly satisfying from an artistic point of view. The singers all cared about their performances and gave committed, passionate characterizations. The orchestra tried their hardest, concentrated, worked not to cover the singers, and really did an outstanding job. The chorus has a wonderful attitude, great leadership, and the men aren't afraid to sing. The theater is comfortable and modern. The crew is friendly and professional.  And General Director David O'Dell and his staff work hard to support their artists. And you can't go too many other places where they feed everybody before the last four final rehearsals. 

The best experiences are when everyone is pulling together and trying their hardest. The collaborative nature of opera is really challenging and can be discouraging; but when it all works, it's a pleasure and makes you ready and willing to do it again.

I'm really looking forward to getting back there soon for SPEED DATING TONIGHT!