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Thursday, December 26, 2019

New Dates for Speed Dating Tonight!

With 2020 coming on, it's time to update the perusal score for Speed Dating Tonight! You can download it by clicking on the link in the right column of this blog. New dates include:

#63 Sometimes I feel like I'll never love again. Starts out sad, but ends up being a happy duet.

#64 Disparity, an introduction. An unusual piece, it's really a pre-date conversation. One of the daters is very attractive and the other suspects they might be a shill. Written for Eastern Michigan University.

#65 The Love of My Life. A transgender, non-binary ballad. Written for SUNY-Potsdam

#66-#67 Social Media Celebrity. A weird and lively duet. The social media celebrity takes pictures of themselves with their pet hamster. The other date recognizes them. This date's part is very rap like.

#68 Shedding. The dater shows up with some things to give away to other daters. Decluttering comes to Speed Dating.

#69-#70 Soul Mates. A duet written for Austin College. The dater is reminded of their parents, who are a perfect couple and have advice for what to look for in a partner. This piece is for two older singers and their offspring, who is the dater.

#71-#72 Roger, I have news. For Fargo-Moorhead Opera. The dater, who is adopted, tells a funny story about finding their birth parents. Mentions Fargo, but certainly changeable for other locations.

#73 I'd like to meet a girl/guy from Fargo. A laid back, folkie number that is very location specific. For Fargo-Moorhead Opera which is doing Speed Dating Tonight! for the third time in March 2020.