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Monday, July 8, 2024

#15 Console Consolation from RSBE at Charlottesville Opera


Here's #15 Console Consolation from RSBE, performed last week at Charlottesville Opera by two fabulous tenors, Carlos Ahrens and Max Alexander Cook. This production of RSBE was the first one where the audience was mingled with the performers. 

Friday, July 5, 2024

RSBE at Charlottesville Opera

RSBE just got its 9th production at Charlottesville Opera. Thanks so much to Caroline Worra, Leanne Clement, Emily Baltzer, Wei-Han Wu of Charlottesville Opera and the terrific cast of Ader Emerging Artists, including Carlos Ahrens, Linda Maritza Collazo, Max Alexander Cook, Dylan Davis, Samuel Enriquez, Edward Ferran, Abigale Hobbs, Rebekah Howell, Elise Miller, David Morgans, Adam Rodgers, Laura Corina Sanders, Kevin Spooner, Janini Sridhar, Alicaia Russell Tagert, and Adam Hirama Wells. The set up was up-close-and-personal, with the audience mingled in with the cast.

It was the official stage premiere for several new pieces, including "Hide with the TV," "Beautiful traveler," and "Don't let the music end." The lyrics for "Beautiful traveler" were co-written by Hugh Moffatt and the lyrics for "Don't let the music end" has lyrics by Reg Huston.

RSBE is flexibly structured like Speed Dating Tonight!, but is a bit deeper and darker.