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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Speed Dating Tonight! #62 in Savannah

 Finished up the summer with a lively SpDT! at Savannah Voice Festival. Of the 60+ productions, I've only been involved with a handful, so every time I do it, I get to hear some pieces I haven't heard before and, inevitably, revise them. The production featured the premieres of two new dates "Bow Tie Duet" and "Toaster" written for SVF supporters, the Krulics and the Andersons. 

Two of the performers, Kristina Costello and Sarah Barker were gracious enough to record two of the older pieces, Dress up, and You Know Who

As composer-in-residence at Savannah Voice Festival it is very gratifying to hear my music programmed regularly there and, in some cases, not even knowing it's scheduled until I hear it.