A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, opera a cappella now available at Albany Records

Saturday, October 20, 2018


Up in Fargo to help them celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the opera. We've had a great relationship--they've done SPEED DATING TONIGHT! twice and also toured CORPS OF DISCOVERY. 

While I'm here, I got to sit in on a little rehearsal of my first mini-opera LEO. LEO was first done in 1985 at the One Aria Opera Festival produced by the Texas Opera Theater. It had a nice run--toured by the company and done by several companies--but has been on the shelf for at least twenty years. So I'm very grateful to Fred Heringes, Steven Sulich, David Hamilton, and the young singers at Concordia for planning on producing it this January. 

LEO is a jazz opera about a man who is angry with his cat. I recopied it for this revival cause nobody likes to read manuscript anymore. By the way, I've lost track of my  collaborators, Fernando Fonseca and Cal Massey. If anybody knows how to get back in touch with them, I'd love to get back in touch. There is business to be done!