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Saturday, March 19, 2022

Introducing Reg Huston (Thank you Susanne Mentzer)


Earlier this month, Susanne Mentzer did a concert of premieres at San Francisco Conservatory of Music. It featured new songs by fourteen different composers! All of the texts were written by Reg Huston during the pandemic, hence the title: STANDING STILL: STILL STANDING, Thoughts from a pandemic isolation. I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to Reg's work and promise there is more to come. There were so many new songs on the program that Susanne didn't premiere all of them. Here's one of mine from the concert, "Heaven's Gaze." It's performed by Matthew Worth and Kevin Korth. 

What can heaven show me
that I can’t see in your eyes;
when I look upon their beauty
they reflect the starry skies.

What can nature offer,
what magnificence, indeed;
your humanity is deeper
than all of her vast seas.

Can the mountain ranges
overpower the strength you own;
they bow in humbled silence
by the goodness that you’ve sown.

They cast empty shadows
but your light shines through, I find;
and your laughter echoes clearly
and your kindness clears my mind.

When I look to heaven
and I seek to find what’s true,
I am thankful that you love me
and that "heaven’s gaze" is you.

Reg Huston
December 30, 2020