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Sunday, March 19, 2023

Dinner 4 3 (full info)

Last month, my short opera DINNER 4 3 got its first live performance in the US. Written with Deborah Brevoort, the show is part of the Tales from a Safe Distance project of the Decameron Opera Coalition. You can stream the opera on idagio, but it's behind a paywall. The original audio (and it is a really nice recording! of the version with two tenors) is available on soundcloud.

The cast for this under fifteen minute opera is:    Wife (M or S), Husband (T or B), and Lover (T). The Husband Versions have some different vocal lines. It is available with piano accompaniment, or with the original orchestration--violin, bassoon, piano, with optional sax and drums at the end. The plot, which is loosely based on a story from the Decameron, is simple--wife and husband have made arrangements to have a fling, with the same man. 

Here's the direct download link for the perusal score (baritone version).

Here is the archival video of the Fargo Moorhead opera production in February 2023.

Thanks also to L'arietta productions, which did the opera live in Singapore in December of 2022. Thanks to FM Opera for commissioning the original version and then doing it live!.

If you'd like to do DINNER 4 3, please contact me!

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