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Friday, March 27, 2009

Faust Posters: Mephistopheles vs. Marguerite

For our upcoming production of FAUST, we have dueling posters of Darren Stokes (Mephistopheles) and Caroline Worra (Marguerite). We have steampunk devil and sweet Marguerite. Which one do you like better? Take the poll on the right side of this blog.

And, yeah, arrange to see the show by visiting the Opera Memphis website.


  1. The one with the devil on it!

    If I'm shopping for tomato soup, I want a picture of a damn tomato on it - not a peach!

  2. From the graphic designer perspective, the top one is better, because it connects you, the audience, with part of what goes on in Faust. Even if you're not familiar at all with the opera Faust, you can tell there's some wickedness about it. The second poster (Marguerite) doesn't make that connection.

    - M

  3. Steampunk is so cool. And the devil poster is definitely more intriguing and different.