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Saturday, December 18, 2010

I have a widow aunt

This is a demo of Laura Stracko (Hermia) and John Dooley (Lysander) singing "I have a widow aunt," from the first act of MIDSUMMER. We are now near the end of the first week of music rehearsals. It doesn't have Deltacappella and Riva in it, but it gives a good idea of how the acappella opera will sound like. Laura is a musical theater singer and John comes more from the opera world, but they sound great together! (Note the mp3 player shouldn't autoplay--it shouldn't play until you click it.)

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  1. The clickable mp3 link works fine, and they do sound good. Do operas sung in English ever have English titling? Well, I suppose not, as I'm sure it's expensive. I wonder though. Thanks.