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Monday, April 8, 2024

The Bond Between premiere, April 2024

Darci, James Blond, and me

After much delay, "The Bond Between" Six songs about women and horses had its premiere April 7th at Northern State University. Commissioned by Darci Bultema, I wrote the music and most of the lyrics. The list of songs is:

1. Three Amigos
2. In Perfect Equipoise
3. Chores
4. The Bond Between (text by Darci Bultema and Michael Ching)
5. Don't Make Me Choose (Between a Husband and a Horse)
6. All is well (text by Josephine Robertson)

Here's a soundcloud playlist of the songs. If you are interested in singing these, just get in touch. I'll get them up on my e-commerce site soon.

The NSU Krikac Auditorium is quite beautiful, with stained glass windows down one side.


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