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Monday, June 3, 2024

Taos Opera Institute 2024

So pleased to be back at the Taos Opera Institute. This summer's project is different--a concert featuring my arrangements, art songs, and operas. It will include some of the Arie not so antiche, Arrangements and Derangements of Schubert, The Bond Between, folk song and spiritual arrangements, and opera selections from SPEED DATING TONIGHT!, RSBE, ALICE RYLEY, NOTES ON VIARDOT and even a sneak peak at 2025's HAZEL MINER. 

There are 28 singers in the program this year, so it's a lot of coaching--the first day is nine hours!

The weather is very cool at night, warm during the day, with moderate fire danger, so the woods and mountains will be accessible for walks and hikes.


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