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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Macbeth: An opening day like any other

Although there are those that like to rest up on the day of an opening, I find that if I do not have some semblance of normalcy--some errands, some chores, some correspondence--I arrive at the theatre lethargic. I need to jump around backstage to get my energy up.

One of my conductor colleagues mentioned to me that once the performance starts, it is useful for
there to be a small mistake early on, some slight mishap in ensemble perhaps, in order to really give a little adrenalin boost.


  1. Michael, I have a question.

    We know that "The Scottish Play" is associated with bad luck. How did your luck go with this production?

  2. I would say our luck was good. We almost made the financial goal. No one got sick. Someone got slightly injured backstage, but nothing big at all. There were no major artistic gaffes, although the review we got was decidedly mixed.

    All in all, (and I have always believed this) the bad luck issue has to do with the play and not the opera.