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Friday, February 1, 2008

In LA to see Tristan and Isolde

I stopped by the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles' Little Tokyo. The museum has some rather static but moving exhibits in a beautiful building. The highlight was meeting a docent/volunteer named Mary who was an elegant woman who had been in the internment camp at Gila River for two years. Mary was quite particular about calling the camp a concentration camp and that the concentration camps in Europe should be called extermination camps. She was a living representation of a part of Japanese Amercan history--look for her if you ever go to the museum.

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  1. Blog readers may not realize that Japanese-Americans in Hawaii were not relocated to camps, because, well, these Asians were a sizable percent of the Territory's population and the economy would really have suffered. (Sometimes money trumps "national security" -- heh heh) Instead, many of the young men volunteered to serve in the armed forces; their loyalty to the country which doubted their patriotism is almost heart-breaking. Look for stories of the 100th and the 442nd in the Japanese-American National Museum.