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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Vienna Teng

A group of folks from the Chinese community gathered to celebrate and meet Vienna Teng.

She is immensely talented and has the real potential to be a major artist some day. She sang a couple of songs and talked about her career and move from computer science into music. One of the headliners at the Folk Alliance conference, she was very gracious and generous with her time. For me, it was great to meet some students who already knew about her.

Asian Americans are very prominent in many fields, but not in some of the most visible ones--film, pop music, national politics to name a few... It would be a cultural milestone if she can climb the heights of the pop music biz.

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  1. Look harder.


    Locally: Fitchburg is an old manufacturing town in central Massachusetts, small and economically depressed. Last November voters elected Lisa Wong, an Asian-American woman, as mayor. Who woulda thunk...