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Monday, March 28, 2011

Have violin, will travel

 Margaret Wolfson and I got to work with two local musicians in Abu Dhabi. The remarkable violinist was Pasha Cazan, who played our PSYCHE AND EROS with a passion and conviction well beyond her years. She is one of a number of musicians who make their way mostly by playing for hotels, corporate events, weddings and parties in Abu Dhabi and neighboring Dubai, with an occasional more serious gig from time to time. The Abu Dhabi/Dubai scene not only takes solid musicianship, but a willingness to work in a variety of styles--from East to Middle East to West. It also takes marketing flair and some snazzy electric violins.

Although conservatory trained in her native Moldova, Pasha didn't want to be straight-jacketed in an orchestra and instead moved to the UAE to seek her fortune. It would seem that there is definitely a need for adventurous, entrepreneurial musicians there and those who are willing to adapt to the stylistic diversity and various performing conditions can be well rewarded for their efforts. Wow!

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