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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A Busy Fall

My newest one act opera, ANNA HUNTER had its premiere November 2-4 at Savannah Voice Festival. We moved through the Davenport House, starting in the back courtyard, then moving to the gift shop and finally ending in the parlor, where the bulk of the opera was played. Thank goodness, we had perfect weather, and good crowds, despite lots of competition from a marathon and a film festival.

The ghost of Anna Hunter (Maria Zouves) visits the Davenport House Gift Shop. Louise (Emily Righter), a young tour guide, doesn't know what to make of her. 
Photo by Bunny Ware for Savannah Morning News.

Although it can be played separately, ANNA HUNTER is also meant to be paired with ALICE RILEY, which premiered in 2015. 

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