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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Master Class with Princess Turandot

Audrey Stottler, our Turandot, gave a master class this evening to ten talented members of our ensemble. She could not be a greater personality contrast from Puccini's icy princess. By using humor, Audrey made what can be a very tense and awkward situation (public criticism) into a rewarding, educational, and even entertaining session.

She was not shy, not afraid grab the participants by the jaw or the back to calm or reinforce. She said that tempo in verismo was like the ample elastic band in men's underwear--with lots of stretch...

One of the most wonderful elements of her class was how Audrey was able to get the participants to work together and not in competition. She brought students back onstage to help with issues of support, posture, and breathing, and was constantly referring back to previous participants as the class progressed.

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