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Friday, September 28, 2007

WKNO-FM Preview

Last night we had our first live on air preview of an opera on our local NPR affiliate, WKNO-FM. For a first time, it came off well. We did sections from the first act of TURANDOT and then had three interview segments. Roy Smith (Calaf) sang a country pop tune he'd written, Lord T. and Eloise--the Aristocrunk group performing after Turandot's opening night--showed up in their full regalia for an interview, featuring the WKNO-FM debut of their song, "Million Dollar Boots," and we ended the show with Memphis diva Kallen Esperian reminiscing about her experiences with the late, great, Pavarotti.

We were surprised at how well our rather mature live preview audience reacted to Lord T. and Eloise...

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