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Thursday, September 20, 2007

More Blogging to Come...

We start Turandot here soon in Memphis. I need to get my camera working...

Princess Turandot, Audrey Stottler
New to Opera Memphis, she's done the icy princess all over the world.
The Emperor Altoum, her father, William Heuttel
A former board member, Billy sang leading roles with us in the 1960s!
Timur, the dispossessed King of Tartary, Jason McKinney
A North Carolinian who was Ferrando in last season's TROVATORE.
Calaf, Roy Smith
Last seen here about eight years ago, Roy has scored a big success in Vienna as Calaf
Liu, a young slave-girl, Kaori Williams
A wonderful new face
Ping, Grand Chancellor, Scott Guinn
A former artist in residence
Pang, General Purveyor, David Hamilton
The Artistic Director of Fargo Moorhead Opera who did a great job as Meriwether Lewis--you can see pictures of David in this blog
Pong, Chief Cook, Joseph Hu
A fine tenor I last worked with in a MAGIC FLUTE many moons ago in Nashville.
Mandarin, Sean Cooper
A great baritone who is, fortunately for us, getting an advanced degree at University of Memphis

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